Public Spaces for Age-Inclusive Interaction and Education

San Francisco, USA

Americans are exposed to 4000 to 10000 ads each day according to Forbes. We are overloaded by content, digitally and physically in our environments, while still being hungry for historical storytelling. As we face new developments in robust urban settings, we have the opportunity and responsibility to echo the lands’ history into new planning and create inclusive experiences that are educational and thought provoking.

Looking into the urban intervention opportunities for Mission Rock, developed by the Giants in partnership with renowned developer Tishman Speyer and the Port of San Francisco, once a tiny rock and now a big landfill claimed from the water - we asked the question in collaboration with Bednark: How might we bridge a new development site to history, while creating a memorable experience for all ages?

Meet DROPLET: an interactive and accessible exhibition structure that creates an immersive educational experience for the youth in Mission Rock, San Francisco. Inspired by the location and neighboring shores, the form follows movements of water and how each water drop gathers and becomes a nurturing source, similar to how the exhibition content aims to nurture minds.

With its engaging design, diverse content and appeal to all ages, DROPLET creates a unique urban experience which people will remember, talk about and drop by again.

Read more in our case study.

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Project Info
Project Name:
Mission Rock, Droplets
San Francisco, USA
Concept Design Complete
The Giants, Tishman Speyer, and the Port of San Francisco
Street Art
Project Credits
SOUR & Bednark Studio
Inanc Eray with Michael Bednark
Design Team:
Kristen Bellomo, Raphael Sorcio, Roger Sorcio, Clement Chou, Joe Celestine, Karl Rosello, Clark Reder, Bartley Stevens, Troy Peoples, Jack Philips, Amanda Redman, Frank Lazarski, Dave Saville, Inanc Eray, Duygun Inal, Pinar Guvenc, Yasmine Abuzeid, Nicholas Doghlass, Zeynep Damgacioglu, Melike Baltalar Ozkan, Marianne de Zeeuw

Bednark Studio