Archeological Park on the Cover of FC&A

June 7, 2023

Our proposal for a new Museum Library Complex in Geomdan, Incheon, South Korea in collaboration with Seoinn Design Group has been published as part of the May issue by Future Constructor & Architect (FC&A). 

FC&A serves as a specialized platform for architects and building contractors, catering specifically to high-quality residential and commercial projects. In addition to providing timely insights on industry trends and legal updates, the magazine features recent undertakings and assesses the most up-to-date environmentally-friendly construction materials available.

The latest issue of FC&A magazine focuses on the pressing issue of greenwashing in the housing development sector. The magazine delves into this topic by featuring an article by Mark Clark of Cemfree, who sheds light on the prevalence of misleading sustainability claims and their detrimental effects on genuine carbon savings. 

The magazine also explores the connection between greenwashing and the circular supply chain in the construction industry. It emphasizes that adopting a circular supply chain approach can promote transparency, accountability, and sustainability by encouraging the reuse, refurbishment, and recycling of materials. 

This issue showcases two notable architectural projects, Heatherwick Studio's public library design in Maryland, USA, and SOUR's and Seoinn Design Group’s winning design for the Geomdan Museum Library Cultural Complex in South Korea. 

You can find the separate project page here.


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