Inclusive Design Workshop by SOUR at the Circle, Istanbul

July 4, 2023

Join SOUR for a workshop on Inclusive Design, hosted by The Circle (Istanbul)!

In this session, the SOUR team will be introducing inclusive design, explaining its difference from other design principles, and discussing the process that enables inclusive outcomes. Following the presentation, the group will reflect on the surroundings and ideate more inclusion solutions.  


- The Principles of Inclusive Design Session (30 min)

Introducing inclusive design processes, presented from hybrid angles representing various typologies, and its difference from other design principles.

- Workshop (1 h 30 min)

Hacking a daily object, and rethink and ideate in (sub)groups on how to make this object more accessible to people from diverse backgrounds and with diverse abilities.


The registration fee for the event is 200 TL.

The capacity is limited to 30 people.

For detailed information and registration please visit The Circle’s website.

The event will be held in English, the workshop part will be bilingual.

For more information and registration, go to: 

The Circle

The Circle is a research and production platform for architecture, design, art and culture.

It focuses on the interactions between architecture and design as well as the disciplines that intersect with them. In this context, it develops projects by coming together with different stakeholders; organizes exhibitions, panels, seminars, workshops, and hosts culture and art projects.

The Circle was founded in 2018 by Selçuk Avcı, Sanja Jurca Avcı, Markus Lehto, Eda Çarmıklı, Yüksel Demir, Kemal Seyhan, Nurgül Türker, Dilara Tekin Gezginti and Ece Çakır Aidan.

In line with its multidisciplinary structure, The Circle brings together architects, designers, artists, academics and unique people from different disciplines. It creates an ever-expanding creative circle that includes everyone who enjoys research and discovery. 


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