Join us in Calgary during the SSHRC Research Partnership “Quality in Canada’s Built Environment” Convention, at the University of Calgary, on May 1-2, 2023!

April 24, 2023

It is strangely easier to point to the lack of quality, than to share what has moved or touched us about a contemporary building, public square or public park. Yet our personal experience of architecture, landscape and the city is what constitutes meaning, what shapes who we are and what weaves into our memory. 

How might we account for lived experiences? What words could be used to describe it? What images would be the most appropriate to take us beyond the clichés of travel to and leisure in quality places? In the end, what matters most about the environments we build and occupy?

SOUR is pleased to be presenting during the second convention of the SSHRC research partnership Quality in Canada’s Built Environment. This project aims to redefine quality in light of growing expectations for a more democratic, equitable, and sustainable built environment, and collectively addressing the questions above. 

During the event, which will take place on May 1-2 2023 at the University of Calgary's School of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape (SAPL), partner representatives will have the opportunity to meet, exchange insights, and discuss positive lived experiences in the built environment, with the aim of deepening their understanding of specific expectations and fostering collaboration.

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