Make an Intervention! Workshop @ Salt Galata

March 21, 2014

Make An Intervention!

Transdisciplinary Urban Interventions (TDUI), Engin Ayaz, Inanc Eray, Deniz Manisali Leba

TDUI is a prototype-forward research and design framework for a new type of urban transformation, one that is closer to acupuncture in its effect. Inspired by theories of situationism (Debord), traceability (Lynch), emergence (Schumacher), design thinking (Kelley), maker culture (Pettis) and hybrid cities (Mitchell), TDUI becomes a strategically pragmatic manifesto for a more humane and inclusive urban renewal.

The argument is that public spaces in cities carry nascent potential to be transformed for all citizens, but they are also the most problematic part of the neoliberal, privatised urbanism projects of the last decade. Nonetheless, these spill-over, in-between spaces can be activated via a transdisciplinary design process that energetically dives into an on-the-field prototyping and testing process and produces tangible results, quickly. Afterwards, as these “sparks” are disseminated via the network and appropriated to different public spaces, they can carry a unique transformative energy that can bridge utility and poetry, physical artifacts and digital traces.

In this day-long workshop, participants will learn about one tactic for TDUI: “make an intervention.” The quality and texture of this intervention will be determined by individual groups. Each group will be expected to conceptualize the intervention, go out to the “field” to prototype it, reveal it in public space, and document public feedback via photography and video. The results will be shared during the final reflection period.

Participants will be encouraged to do post-production of the intervention to be shared via the internet.

Equipment List:

– A smartphone with photo capture and video recording ability or preferably a

– DSLR camera with video ability

– A tripod (preferred, not mandatory)


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