Rethink Your Office Space with SOUR, booking on Thriver

May 24, 2021

SOUR has teamed up with Thriver, a leading marketplace for discovering, booking, and managing workplace culture services, to provide online participatory sessions on rethinking existing and future office space design. 

Rethinking Your Office Space

With a return to office on the horizon, it is valuable to consider what the office of the future will look like. Now is the optimal time to plan for a post-pandemic office strategy together with architecture and design studio SOUR.

Reasons why you should plan for your return to office include:

- People will always need places where they can come together, connect, build relationships, and develop their careers.

- Physical offices play a critical role in corporate culture.

- A permanent remote work model is not the future. Instead, offices must adopt a hybrid model with both in-office and remote work.

This booking will include:

- Introduction meeting (30 minutes)

- Exploration session (90 minutes)

- Diagnostic session on office design (90 minutes)

- Design solutions, and advised future implications (90 minutes)

For registration and more information, visit the Thriver website!


Thriver is a food and culture platform providing office culture programs aimed at promoting employee engagement and wellness through unforgettable experiences. Their goal is to fuel thriving workplaces and to make every employee feel recognized and excited about work. Their philosophy is that people come first: Thriver believes every person is capable of greatness when they feel seen, heard, and valued. They are a big group of passionate go-getters and who always have fuel to go the extra mile to create what hasn’t been created yet.


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