SOUR talks on Buro Happold’s Urban C:Lab in Rotterdam

September 15, 2022

In June, 2022, many representatives of Buro Happold’s initiated program Urban C:Lab and international guest speakers gathered in Rotterdam to Pause, Rewind, Shuffle and Fast Forward.

Coming together for a multi-day program to explore our urban environments, the SOUR team joined in an active exploration of our cities in the form of a congress, workshops, walking- and bike tours, design sprints and many opportunities for discussions, to catalyze new collaborations to ensure sustainable and future oriented initiatives.

One of the themes discussed during the days was on how we can co-create more accessible and equitable urban environments. During the keynote presentation by Pinar Guvenc, Partner of SOUR, we collaboratively explored the role of engineering, architecture and urban planning in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world (VUCA).

Other speakers were Julius Kirchert from ADEPT and Jeroen Zuidgeest from Studio for New Realities on community creation, sustainability across different building scales and a brief history of the city of Rotterdam.

Urban C:Lab

Urban C:Lab is a programme initiated by Buro Happold focused on exploring emergent disruption in the built environment. A collaborative endeavour, Urban C:Lab works with clients, designers, academia, think tanks and institutions. This page brings together the latest content from our Urban C:Lab community. Including short thoughts, videos, and event round-ups. Through to in-depth thought leadership. We’ll be adding more as the programme, and our thoughts, evolve.

Learn more about the initiative on their website.


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