SOUR Talks on D&I Spy Podcast

August 1, 2023

Hear from SOUR, the global design studio that solves social and urban issues through sustainable and inclusive methods. We discussed the importance of co-creation and inclusive research and the need for designers to step up and act as human-centered design advocates. Pinar, Partner of SOUR, talked about two of their recent projects including designing an award-winning deodorant for people with disabilities.

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D&I Spy

D&I Spy takes you behind the scenes with Dr. Julie Humphreys and Natasha Whitehurst as they dish the dirt on diversity and inclusion. They are joined by people for a candid discussion on those tricky topics that often leave others feeling uncomfortable. Winner of Best New Podcast in the Quill Podcasts Awards 2023.

Dr Julie Humphreys, Group Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Reach commented:

"Over the past few years D&I has become an established profession in its own right, which is brilliant in many ways and has given so many of us the chance to learn from each other. However, like anything, we need reflection - where are we not landing the way we would want to? Why are so many people losing interest in diversity, even while in theory supporting its aims?

“These are not easy or comfortable issues but our guests have given us a chance to candidly talk through the good, the bad and the ugly of D&I with a wealth of insight and a good dash of humour." - Reach


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