SOUR talks on ID Technique Deep Dive on Nov 2

October 24, 2022

SOUR talks on the virtual ID Technique Deep Dive from Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) on November 2, 2022 about the Power of Co-design.

The ID Technique Deep Dive 2022 is built for industrial designers to upskill and explore the fascinating stages of the ID process where ideas come to life through drawings, renderings, and modeling.

“Making the intangible reality is at the core of what industrial designers do every day. A wise design professor once said “a person who cannot communicate their ideas is on the same plane as one who has no ideas.” The act of capturing our insights and innovations lies in our ability to transform intangible thoughts into concrete concepts that users and stakeholders can respond to. If we can’t communicate our ideas, we can’t bring them into reality. A critical stage of our process involves bringing our design vision into the realm of the tangible; an image, or asset (sketches, renderings, CAD models, VR experiences, prototypes, etc.) that communicates our ideas and illustrates a design before it becomes a physical artifact.

Whether through whiteboard sketches, photo-realistic renders, or interactive VR environments, industrial designers play a pivotal role in communicating the big ideas that help people understand and envision a product that does not yet exist. In many ways, a designer’s job is to help envision the future. By staying up to date on the countless tools and methodologies available, you will be able to deliver this vision for your clients, co-workers, and business counterparts. Visualization is the superpower of the designer, and these skills will help you create more impactful work and shape the future of industrial design.”


The Power of Co-design
November 2, 2022 at 11:10am

This session will discuss the power of co-designing with people with diverse lived and professional experiences, and methods to realize inclusive and sustainable designs.

In this session, you will learn:

A co-design framework for project teams

Inclusive design principles

What iterative design can achieve

Watch the recording of the video here!


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