SOUR Talks on NYC Agtech Week

September 29, 2019

During the NYC AGTECH WEEK, organized by the NYC Agriculture Collective, SOUR (formerly known as Eray/Carbajo) has joined the panel on Future of Green Urban Development on Wednesday, September 25, along with Jeffery Lee: Senior Vice President of Capalino+Company, George Bryant: President of Aqua Ark and Alan Burchell: Founder of Urbanstrong, in a two hour session at the VR BAR, Brooklyn.

The panel session was part of a week full of conversations, presentations, tours, organized by NYC Ag Collective, a collective or commercial urban farms, tech companies and non-profit organizations.

As the 4th of NYC AGTECH WEEK, the only AgTech Conference that is produced and organized by the pioneers of the industry themselves, the intention was to provide an open and insightful look into the state of AgTech today. Bringing together urban progress makers, CEO’s, investors, students and professionals from the field, a network of urban AgTech enthusiasts was created.

The panelists in the Future of Green Urban Development, which took place on the fifth day of NYC AGTECH WEEK, spoke about issues concerning opportunity zones, green roofs & creative mixed use projects. Also, there was a lot of attention on climate change, and the importance of policy driving demand for green development. With the lead and support of policies, sustainable and carbon-reduction solutions from the architecture and construction world is the key. On the panel, Managing Partner Pinar Guvenc shared E/C’s research and projects on “Urban Rural” to showcase how food production and green scape of rural life can be brought in to urban setting.


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