November 15, 2021

New York City’s official celebration of design, the NYCxDESIGN Festival, returns to the city this month from November 11-18. Celebrating New York City as the destination for world classic design, the festival highlights the talent and diversity of the city’s designers, makers, and manufacturers, along with cutting-edge design businesses and districts, and leading cultural and academic institutions. With anchor trade shows ICFF, WantedDesign Manhattan and BDNY, as well as 100+ other events across the five boroughs, NYCxDESIGN reconnects the city’s design community with the public and showcases how design can rebuild, reimagine, and shape renewal, while prioritizing equity, access and inclusion.

Wallabout Design

As part of NYCxDESIGN, the Brooklyn Navy Yards announced the launch of its new series, Wallabout Design. The monthly series explores design in Wallabout Bay – the location of the 300-acre design and innovation hub – and the role that design has had in shaping, informing, and defining our lived experiences with a distinctively inventive, industrial, and “roll up your sleeves and figure it out” edge that is the Brooklyn Navy Yard. From panel discussions and studio tours to demos and sneak peeks, each month will explore new design brands, design concepts, and programmatic formats.

Panel Description

Sustainability, inclusivity, eco-friendly, and a host of other terms tied to living together more harmoniously with the natural world have become common in many cultures. Yet, developing cohesive and consistent methods to embody these terms in our everyday lives remains a challenge. Designers are positioned at the forefront of these conversations and have the ability to drive design solutions that help to better preserve our planet. These range from large-scale architecture projects that embrace new materials and methodologies to envisioning new ways to improve existing infrastructure, which helps to mitigate design decisions of the past that were less-focused on sustainability. In this panel discussion, three leading voices in architecture and design – Mitchell Joachim of Terreform ONE, Pinar Guvenc of SOUR, and Tony Daniels of Cycle Architecture & Planning – discuss recent projects and ways that their practices embody “sustainability in action.” Focus will be placed on discussing the importance of infusing sustainable values in decision-making from initial concepts to the implementation of projects.

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Article Source: NYCxDESIGN


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