SOUR Talks on Open Up

August 9, 2022

Open Inclusion, one of the SOUR collaborators, have launched a new podcast series called Open UP: Unlimit Potential. In this first episode of the new series, Juliette Burton, our host, and Christine Hemphill, Managing Director of Open Inclusion kicked off, and shared their thoughts on the new series, what excites them about inclusive insight, and design and innovation.

Open Inclusion is an inclusive research and solutions consultancy, advocating that diverse insights create better solutions. Open Inclusion helps their clients create products, services, and environments that are beautiful, inclusive and effective for everyone.

On their latest episode of the Open Up podcast series, SOUR joined the conversation on projects within the built environment, products and services, and how SOUR’s “designs are created with, informed, defined and then tested by users, specifically including those with lived experiences of disabilities or other significant differences in needs and perspectives.”

You can listen to the full episode through this link.


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