SOUR Talks on the Design Critique Podcast

January 18, 2022

Published on January 17, 2022, is our latest conversation on the Design Critique Podcast, a podcast that encourages usable designs for a better customer experience.. The show was created by Timothy Keirnan and Tom Brinck in 2005, using their working lives as UX professionals and personal lives as customers:

“So many reviews on the Web seemed suspiciously positive and we didn’t trust them. We still don’t.”

We critique products and services, discuss user experience methods and practices, and interview authors or anyone else whose work we find interesting. The values of the show are:

  • People are more important than things. This show is not about the latest cool toys and technology for technology’s sake. Products should exist to serve people,  not the other way around. We consider whether our lives are (or are not) made better by what we allow into them.
  • No advertising on the show. Most of our episodes are conversations about design, both as designers and as customers, and commercials would ruin the flow. Design Critique is funded out of our own pockets so that we owe nothing to anyone and are free to say what we really think.
  • Buy the products/services we critique with our own money. This goes hand in hand with no advertising. We want to feel the pain of spending our own money on stuff so that our critiques have genuine ownership behind them.
  • Admit our biases. Many reviewers do not inform the audience about their personal history, positive or negative, with a product category or the company involved. We give you context to our critiques so you know where we’re coming from.
  • Critique all phases of customer experience, not just a couple days’ use. Besides the longitudinal use of at least one month, our critiques include  Encounter, Decision, Purchase, Out of the Box, and Initial Use experiences, where applicable.

During the podcast episode with SOUR, host Timothy Keirnan spoke with Partner Pinar Guvenc on how SOUR does Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design, and Public Spaces work, as well as the use of co-creation panels and extended collaboration with all the diverse stakeholders on our projects, with a case study on the project for Taksim Square in Istanbul, Turkey. 

You can listen to the episode here.


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