SOUR Talks on the Obsessed Show

October 6, 2020

Josh Miles has been drawing, making, and has been generally obsessed with the details of great design as long as  he can remember. Although brand design is his specific obsession, he knows there are others out, who are all also obsessed with their craft.

On the Obsessed Show, Josh chats with some of the most creative people in the world. From Debbie Millman to Michael Bierut, and Aaron Draplin to Armin Vitt and SOUR, the Obsessed Show unpacks origin stories, best practices, and what these creators are most intrigued by right now.

We had the pleasure to share our story with Josh as well, on episode 148. We talked about how and why we rebranded and became SOUR in order to better represent our philosophy and mission. We discuss how SOUR functions as an international studio, how we address social and urban problems through collaboration and extensive research, and how we approach architecture and design projects with an entrepreneurial spirit and bold character.

You can listen to the full conversation here.

Josh, thank you for being obsessed!


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