SOUR Talks on The MRS Unlimited Festival

October 6, 2021

How can disability inclusive insight drive significant innovation and create better solutions - needed by some, appreciated by many?

The question above will lead a discussion on inclusivity and universal design during the panel Inclusive Insight-led Innovation organized by the “Unlimited” community during The MRS Unlimited Festival. The festival will run in the week of October 11-15 with a 45 minute session a day. The community “Unlimited” has two goals.  

  1. Removing barriers that are limiting people with disabilities choosing to work (or stay and progress) in research roles
  2. Ensuring that research practices and outcomes don’t exclude or even better, specifically include perspectives of those who have lived experiences of disability (setting the research strategy, selecting agency / building in-house skills, ensuring representation and balance across different needs groups in screeners, inclusive design of research tools and methods as well as practices)

Join us on October 12, during the Inclusive Insight-led Innovation panel, moderated by Christine Hemphill, Open Inclusion, exposing ideas from across a range of industries on how insight from across the disability or older age-inclusive communities can drive more sustainable and valuable innovation


- Paul Campbell – Centaur Robotics

- Anna Cuinu - NatWest

- Pinar Guvenc - SOUR

- Simon Pulman Jones - NHS Test and Trace App

Date: 12 October

Time: 4:00 - 4:45 UK (11 - 11:45am NYC)

About the Organizer

Organisation hosting the session: Market Research Society UK

MRS Unlimited is a new network for people across the research and communications communities who want to change the way the research sector, business and wider society behave around and treat disability.

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