SOUR to Win 2nd Honorable Mention at Bornova Municipality’s National Competition

September 25, 2015

SOUR (formerly known as Eray/Carbajo), along with the team at DB Architects, was chosen as one of the 8 design teams after the pre-election, to compete in the nation-wide competition for Bornova Municipality’s architectural design competition for its town hall. The team received an Honorable Mention for their design.

Bornova Town Hall and Municipality Building design redefines the public space experience with its indoors, outdoors, and semi-open spaces. Setting up a landmark for an advanced and  smart city, the building adapts to its environment, encourages transformation and seeks sustainability. Designed for the people, it aims not only to serve the municipality’s administrative duties, but also become a frequently visited public space with its experiential design and inviting nature. The  flow of the interiors is designed to accommodate most up to date service systems, while promoting transparent governance.


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