SOUR Wins Honorable Mention Award in National Competition for Izmir Transportation Integration Hub

December 21, 2016

SOUR (formerly known as Eray/Carbajo) receives honorable mention in national architecture competition to design the transportation and interconnection hub of Izmir, Turkey. The avant-garde design proposal redefines the ground level and creates a new topography through its multi layered elevated parks, urban plazas and interconnecting green paths.


Having to live, work and circulate in a never-ending mobility; the society revolves around the entity of mobility. Relocation of information, services, people and furniture reforms everyday life.

İzmir, the port city of Turkey isn’t very far from this form of kinesis. Throughout the history, the urban development of the city of İzmir has transformed itself into different entities; the state of relocation, the state of reorientation, a transit city and city of final destination.

Cities can be viewed as organisms with vessel systems, their transportation systems connect two different places to each other. On the other hand, cities of separate segments and disconnected layers wouldn’t be able to serve as sustainable cities.  In this regard, the form of urban transportation should consider the needs of public and urban connectivity.


SOUR’s transportation hub design proposal integrates metro, fast train, tram, bus systems, car park, bicycle roads and pedestrian friendly modes in order to achieve faster urban interconnectivity between populated districts of İzmir. The project investigates the real boundaries of a city and interconnectivity of design. The proposal aims to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoors spaces, and blends in the building structure with the plazas.


The urban design puts into use the inefficient urban gaps by analyzing user experience. The environment-friendly design ensures an integrating web between industrial and residential areas, with a strategy of perpetual motion that creates continuous public flow, starting from the coastal promenade of Izmir with a flow back into the city center. The design blends and merges coastline, urban hubs, intercity connections and industrial districts.

The landscraper is on a path of continuous change within it’s very form. Public parks and plazas aim to serve to all kinds of users; all Izmir urbanites and visitors, as well as, users with disabilities. The interlacing structure responds to the three different levels of elevation, providing opportunities for social-cultural interactions.

Therefore, Izmir Transportation Hub is a living and perpetually changing structure with over/underpasses that allow effortless flow.


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