SOUR's Unique Hybrid Concept Wins Award at an Invited Competition for a Mix-use Development in Downtown Izmir, Turkey

August 1, 2018

SOUR (formerly known as Eray/Carbajo) introduced “Urban Rural V.2”, a design that brings the benefits of rural living into urban setting of Saraphane region in Izmir, Turkey. The site introduces an unconventional hybrid space with the integration of fish farms, green roofs and wellness centers to residential and office use. This dwelling model aims to nurture its residents and heal them by alleviating the stress of city living.

In addition to resource resiliency, the towers are designed with the consideration of various sustainability measures. To accommodate for the hot climate of Izmir region, the form of the towers is inspired by cacti, creating concave and convex surfaces on the skin to create more shade and hold less heat during summer time. The structure also holds photovoltaic panels on the rooftop of the commercial building that receive the most sunlight.

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Urban Rural V.2 is the first-ever residential and office tower in Turkey to integrate fish and green farming in to each unit, while also locating health & wellness spaces in common areas. It raises the bar for building resiliency and sustainability in the global landscape, reminding us all that such measures not only should be taken to protect the environment, but also should promote human health.


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