What's Wrong With AI?

March 26, 2024

“Hey ChatGPT, what’s wrong with AI?”

“Artificial intelligence (AI) faces challenges such as bias in training data, lack of transparency in decision-making, ethical concerns regarding privacy and potential misuse, job displacement, security risks, data privacy issues, regulatory gaps, and environmental impact. AI systems can perpetuate biases, be difficult to interpret, and raise ethical dilemmas. Job markets may be disrupted, and security risks and privacy concerns emerge. Rapid AI development has outpaced regulation, necessitating collaboration for responsible guidelines. Additionally, the environmental impact of large-scale AI model training is a growing concern. Achieving a balance between innovation and ethical considerations is crucial for the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies.”

- ChatGPT, March 2024

As Artificial Intelligence is leading the new industrial revolution, it is and will remain a widely debated topic globally, across industries and policymakers. While the potential of AI is significant, it is essential to develop a general understanding to navigate existing and future complexities and embrace its numerous opportunities to address social and urban issues through design.

On March 26 at 11 am EST / 16:00 CET, SOUR will be joined in a diagnostic conversation by AI professionals, to dive together into the question: “What’s Wrong With AI?”

www/AI will be a one-hour panel discussion with an exciting group of international changemakers in the field of AI from diverse industries.


Tim Fu - Designer, Founder of Studio Tim Fu, Adjunct Professor AI x Architecture at Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico)

Ayodele Odubela - Data Scientist, Founder of AI Alternatives Lab, 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics

Diego Tauziet - Head of Data & AI at Mamotest

What's Wrong With series 

As a research driven global design studio, we often kick off projects by asking ourselves the question: 'what's wrong with [XYZ]?'. In 2017, we opened up part of this internal research process to the public and turned our diagnostic sessions with progress makers into the What's Wrong With (www/) panel and podcast series. www/ is led by creatives, to assess and understand the underlying reasons of today's problems in different industries and discuss potential solutions for a better future.


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