What’s Wrong With Education?

September 28, 2021

Education is the cornerstone of a healthy and prosperous society. It has been well-documented that higher education leads not only to higher wages and GDP, but also to increased levels of career satisfaction and fulfillment. It is therefore vital that we evaluate where education is falling short, and what it will look like in a future landscape of technological innovation, demographic shifts, and a heightened focus on sustainably built environments.

During What's Wrong With Education (www/Education), an online diagnostic panel discussion and Q&A which will also be recorded as part What's Wrong With: The Podcast, we will discuss the current and future needs of our educational systems together with people from across the globe and the field, to understand the underlying reasons of the challenges we face and discuss potential solutions, and to cultivate a space where collaboration catalyzes positive change and guides us in the right direction: how might we increase access to (digital) education in times of a pandemic? How will our future global needs call for more experimental forms of education? Can we reach marginalized groups and those who are currently excluded from education through technology? What will our campuses of the future look like? How can we provide education throughout a person's lifespan?

- Bryan Alexander Futurist, Researcher, Writer, Speaker, Consultant, and Teacher
- Maggie Grout, Founder & CEO Thinking Huts
- Ryan Derby-Talbot, Mathematician, Educator, and Dean at Deep Springs College
- Lisa Love, Co-Founder and CMO Tanoshi

You can watch the event from link here!


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