What’s Wrong With Tech?

April 20, 2021

What’s wrong with technology is a question as old as civilization itself. Throughout human history, the development of technology has helped us adapt, organize, and mobilize. It has allowed us to control our environments, improve our health, protect us, expand our understanding of the cosmos, move us faster from A to B, and communicate information more and more efficiently.

But as tech has grown increasingly complex and intertwined with most aspects of our modern lives, so have the ethical dilemmas surrounding its applications.

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What’s Wrong With Tech?

During www/Tech, an online diagnostic panel discussion and Q&A, we will bring different perspectives from people across the industry together, to understand the underlying reasons of the challenges we face in the industry and discuss potential solutions, and to cultivate a space where collaboration catalyzes positive change and guides us in the right direction.


- Melinda Briana Epler | Founder & CEO of Change Catalyst

- Dr. Tim Summers | CEO of Summers & Company / Founder of WikiBreach / Executive Director of Third Horizon Initiatives within the University Technology Office at Arizona State University

- Prof. Maja Matarić | Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, Neuroscience, and Pediatrics Interim Vice President of Research at USC, and Founding Director of the USC Robotics and Autonomous Systems Center

Watch here, visit the www/ website.


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