What's Wrong With: The Podcast - Season 2 Is Here

February 1, 2021

What’s Wrong With: The Podcast is an open diagnostic discussion series that seeks to gain valuable perspectives from progress makers and boundary-pushers across wide-ranging fields. By encouraging collaboration and cross-industry dialogue, the podcast is creating a research base for potential sustainable solutions for today and tomorrow.

What’s Wrong With is the brainchild of SOUR, an award-winning architecture and design studio with the mission of addressing social and urban problems through inclusive, sustainable, and adaptive design processes. These solutions can only be fully realized through the synthesis of data and an awareness of the complexities inherent in our modern life.  In order to address issues in the built environment, for example, there must be an awareness of historical transgressions and psychological well-being. This requires shedding our silos and putting our heads together to figure things out with the bigger picture in mind.

Season 1 of What’s Wrong With: The Podcast explored the problems and possibilities within so many aspects of social/urban landscape. From the role of art in society to inclusive design to data collection to health and well-being to a sustainable circular economy to racial injustice and beyond, these conversations with academics, entrepreneurs, authors, innovators, and designers ran the gamut and helped contribute to this bigger picture.

As the podcast enters Season 2, these themes will continue to be developed and picked apart. Because while the year and the season may be fresh, the issues facing society are still very much sour. The world continues to trudge through a now one-year-old pandemic, still faces an environmental crisis in need of immediate solutions, still must grapple with systemic injustices that have tipped scales towards traditional power structures for too long, and still must deal with the physical and psychological health issues which have manifested in our built environment due to a combination of all of the above.

Season 2 of What’s Wrong With features another stellar line-up of creative, forward-thinking progress makers who are doing incredible things to address these issues such as Jamie Derringer - Artist and Founder of Design Milk, Martijn Horsman -  Sustainability Advisor for the Royal Schiphol Group, Sue Stuart-Smith - Author of The Well Gardened Mind, Nan Strauss - Managing Director at Every Mother Counts and many more.

We invite all architects, designers, boundary-pushers, and curious minds to follow Season 2 to get informed, inspired, and continue the conversation to ultimately contribute to a better future for all.

Stay tuned and stay SOUR!


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