102 - Responsible AI ft. Seth James

October 25, 2023


Today in the episode of What’s Wrong With: The Podcast, we are excited to be talking with Seth James about Artificial Intelligence.  

Seth has helped startups, non-profits, and enterprises design and deploy virtual assistants to help people make informed decisions. He started building his first bot on a trip to Okinawa in 2018. Since then, Seth has built conversational databases, multimodal brand ambassadors, customer support bots, and other virtual assistants. He's currently working with LLMs to promote sapient political engagement at otherparty.ai

Seth's background is in writing. Before he worked in conversational AI, he was a strategist trapped in a copywriter's mind and a Columbia J School misfit. In his free time, he enjoys the open road, explores sustainable building, and philosophizes with his Poodle.

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