05 - Air pollution, what’s the solution? ft. Dan Bowden

December 17, 2019

Dan is the CEO and co-founder of Ao Air - headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Ao Air’s Facewear creates a personal wearable solution to air pollution. Air pollution is a global killer of over 7m killing more than smoking every year and has been linked to heart disease, respiratory problems, Alzheimer’s, depression, crime, reducing mental acuity, slower marathons and even to obesity and baldness.  Their patented facewear is an alternative to a mask or respirator which creates a pocket of clear, fresh air for the user this means no need for a tight seal around the mouth and nose. They start their design at the molecular level and has been independently validated to be up to 50x better than current solutions, has debuted on the runways of New York and Seoul and received international recognition from Fast Company.

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