44 - Building inclusion through the power of play ft. The National Inclusion Project

October 16, 2020

Today on the podcast, Dr. Amanda Kloo and Aron Hall, from the National Inclusion Project. The National Inclusion Project operates on three core beliefs: every child can participate, every child can make a friend, and every child can succeed. The work with recreational programs and community organizations to provide tools, support and training so that children with disabilities can be included in all activities and programs.

In our discussion, we dig into the power of language and its impact on children with disabilities, their education, and their opportunities for play. We discuss the need to design for better representation and more inclusion, and how to go about doing that.  

Disability is infinitely diverse, and so are the many ways in which it is present in the world. The diversity of disability goes far beyond our neat definition of it. However, with standards like those created by The National Inclusion Project recreation and community programs will be able to enhance understanding of social inclusion and identifying practices that will improve and expand inclusive programming.

Dr Amanda Kloo is the National Inclusion Project’s Director of Inclusive Recreation Standards and Accreditation andAron Hall is the Director of Programs and coordinates the National Inclusion Project’s Let’s ALL Play partnership programs and training as well as ongoing program development.

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