84 - Building structural belonging for inclusive environments ft. Dr. Meagan Pollock

September 12, 2022


Dr. Meagan Pollock envisions a world where personal and social circumstances are not obstacles to achieving potential, and where kindness, inclusivity, and conservation prevail. An international speaker, teacher, engineer, and equity leader, her mission is to provide services, tools, and resources that inspire awareness and initiate action.

Meagan’s company, Engineer Inclusion, helps people intentionally and systematically engineer equity and inclusion into their organizations: driving positive outcomes and effectively supporting employees and the community. She provides teaching, consulting and development services related to engineering, education, and equity to industry, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions across the globe. A storyteller at heart, Meagan connects with audiences through her authentic style, and her ability to facilitate tough conversations.

Since 2018, Dr. Pollock serves as the Chair of the Professional Development Committee for the American Society for Engineering Education Commission on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and she is the Incoming Chair-elect. In addition, she is an Associate Fellow at the Southern Methodist University Caruth Institute for Engineering Education.

A past recipient of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, Meagan holds a PhD in engineering education from Purdue University, an MS in electrical engineering from Texas Tech University, and a BS in computer science from Texas Woman’s University. 

Meagan began her career playing with light projection on tiny microscopic mirrors as an engineer for Texas Instruments. She now utilizes metaphorical projectors and mirrors to shine a light on micro and macro social systems that when adjusted, improve student and employee success in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 

As an engineer turned educator, Meagan focuses on helping others intentionally engineer inclusion™ in education and the workforce.

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