95 - Decoding Walkability: Why Certain Cities are Ahead of the Curve ft. Jeff Speck

May 25, 2023


Today on podcast, Jeff Speck was the Director of Design at the National Endowment for the Arts from 2003 through 2007. Jeff presided over the Mayors’ Institute on City Design and created the Governors’ institute on Community Design. Prior to his federal appointment, Jeff spent ten years as Director of Town Planning at DPZ & Co., the principal firm behind the New Urbanism movement. Since 2007, he has led Speck & Associates, a private design consultancy serving mainly American cities. 

With Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, Jeff is the co-author of Suburban Nation, which the Wall Street Journal calls "the urbanist's bible.” His 2012 book Walkable City was the best selling city-planning title of the past decade and has been translated into seven languages. He is also the writer of The Smart Growth Manual and Walkable City Rules. 

Jeff Speck has been named a fellow of both the American Institute of Certified Planners and the Congress for New Urbanism. He is the 2022 recipient of the Seaside Prize, whose former awardees include Jane Jacobs and Christopher Alexander. Jeff has been featured in Bloomberg, New York Magazine, and Vox. His TED Talk and Youtube videos have been viewed more than five millions times.

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