55 - How do we enable sustainable creativity? ft. Andy Wright

May 20, 2021

Today on the podcast, Andy Wright is the creator of the Never Not Creative community and co-chair of the creative, media and marketing industry Mentally-Healthy Change Group. He's been working in the creative industry for many years. From running the local offices of global agencies like Interbrand and R/GA, he was also an original co-founder of For The People in Sydney. He's run successful and award-winning projects for GOMA, Australia Post, Telstra and Streamtime. It’s the latter where Andy now spends his time leading the project management software business, with a mission to create healthier creative businesses as Streamtime’s Managing Director. When not doing any of the above, you might find him somewhere in Scandinavia chasing the Aurora Borealis and a bit of peace and quiet.

The Campaign that mentioned: Unfinished Vote

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