81 - Urban Sensemaking through Science & Technology ft. MIT Senseable City Lab

July 27, 2022


In today’s podcast we talk with Claire Gorman, Sanjana Paul and Cate Heine, three representatives of the MIT Senseable City Lab, a research initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to anticipate changes in the way we describe, understand and design cities.

Claire Gorman is a creative technologist and researcher at the Senseable City Lab, where she works on technology-driven urban studies research. Her recent projects address topics including clean energy systems in cities, digital infrastructure for resource management, and the morphology of informal settlements. Her Bachelor’s degree is in Computing and the Arts (Computer Science and Architecture) from Yale University, and she will start a Masters of City Planning at MIT in Fall 2022.

Sanjana Paul is a scientist and engineer working as a technical associate at MIT's Senseable City Lab, where she explores urban environmental problems with the CityScanner Platform. She holds a degree in electrical engineering and physics, and her research interests lie at the intersection of environment and technology, focusing on environmental sensing, renewable energy, sustainability, and environmental justice. She runs the nonprofit environmental organization Earth Hacks, and has previously worked with the NASA Langley Research Center, Conservation X Labs, and JILA at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Cate Heine is a PhD student in MIT's Institute for Data, Systems and Society and a researcher at the Senseable City Lab, where she uses large geospatial datasets to study urban mobility patterns and social mixing in cities. More generally, her research interests surround the design of accessible, inclusive cities and the equitable distribution of the benefits and burdens that come with urban life. Cate holds a Bachelor's degree in mathematics from Centre College, and before coming to MIT worked as a researcher at the Santa Fe Institute and the Sustainable Minerals Institute at the University of Queensland.

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