Season 2 Synopsis ft. SOUR

January 31, 2022

This past year, we have learned so much from our podcast guests. Every guest brought in a new perspective and interesting insights on a number of different topics. So, for this season-one wrap-up, we thought we would revisit some of the things we learned as a team, and some of the ideas that have shifted our perspectives as designers.

Joining our host and SOUR Partner, Pinar Guvenc, is the entire team:

  • Inanc Eray, Designer & Architect 
  • Nicholas Doghlass, Architect 
  • Marianne de Zeeuw, International Relations Manager 
  • Irem Gocmenoglu, Communication Designer 
  • Melike Baltalar Ozkan, Architect 
  • Bengisu Ecem Yildiz, Design Researcher
  • Pinar Gursoy, Architect

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