26 - The joy and pain of being a working mother ft. Katya Libin

June 3, 2020

Katya Libin is the co-founder and CEO of HeyMama. The HeyMama co-founders set out to create what was missing in their own lives: a community of career-driven mothers who have each others’ backs and actively seek to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. Now with members in 11 cities across the US, HeyMama is a league of unstoppable women growing stronger every day.  

Since the brand launched in 2014, Katya has fostered connection and community for working mothers, rapidly expanding a platform that provides support and resources to a demographic that for too long has been overlooked. What started out as a community to solve a deep personal need to feel connected, has led to her personal mission of having a career and motherhood work better together.   Before her business baby, Katya began her career in partnerships where she was a top seller working with brands like Apple, Intel, and Conde Nast. Later, Katya went on to become the Global Director of Sponsorships at Social Media Week, where she not only built custom partnership programs but also supported in programming 5,000-person events at the intersection of technology and culture.  Today, she draws on those experiences to create meaningful experiences tapping into topics from personal growth, business, mentorship, and more.

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Website: https://heymama.co

Katya on Instagram: @katyaslife

Katya on Twitter: @CriticalKatya

HeyMama on Instagram: @heymamaco

HeyMama on Twitter: @heymamaco

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