79 - Today and Tomorrow on Metaverse ft. George Bileca

June 29, 2022


Today on the podcast, George Bileca is the co-founder and Chief Design Officer at Voxel Architects. Through Voxel Architects, he is helping brands and blockchain communities build a digital presence in the leading virtual worlds, while also developing assets and infrastructure solutions that aid the metaverse rapid expansion.

George studied in many fields including architecture, product and graphic design, ultimately specializing in transportation design. He got a BA in design in the UK and further studied car body design in Munich, Germany. In mid-2019, he discovered the blockchain community and NFTs, marking the start of a new universe for him that resulted in entrepreneurship, co-founding Voxelarchitects. Leading a team of 20 people, George has carried out challenging 3D construction projects for renowned companies and personalities such as Consensys, Sotheby's, Outliers Ventures, Metakovan, Bill Lee, and WhaleShark, among others.

George believes that the metaverse is the future of the internet and that one day the metaverse and the real world will coexist and work together as a whole.

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