51 - Why is quality and equitable maternal care a human right? Ft. Nan Strauss

March 7, 2021

Today on the podcast, Nan Strauss is the Managing Director of Policy, Advocacy, and Grantmaking for Every Mother Counts, where she leads the organization’s efforts to advance policies and programs that expand access to quality, respectful, and equitable care practices for all members of the community. Previously, as the Director of Research and Policy at Choices in Childbirth, Nan’s work included research and advocacy framing midwifery and doula care as high-value models of maternity care. Nan's work on maternal health began at Amnesty International USA, where she did crucial work as the Director of Maternal Health Research and Policy. She focused on the US maternal health crisis, and her work included campaigning, policy, advocacy, and media efforts regarding maternal health and developing and strengthening federal and state laws.

Mentioned in this episode:

Website https://everymothercounts.org/

Twitter @everymomcounts

Instagram @everymomcounts/

Organization  https://www.justbirthspace.org/

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