22 - Why should you offset your carbon footprint? ft. Dee Lawrence

April 28, 2020

Dee Lawrence used her skills from 25 years in marketing and advertising to promote and grow Proyecto Mirador, a 13-year family effort to reduce smoke from indoor cookfires in Honduras. She helped create a project with social benefits that could also, with considerable science and third-party verification, cut emissions of carbon dioxide (CO₂).   As the issue of climate change became big news and a desire to take action grew, it sparked an idea between Dee and her husband Richard. They wanted to make it possible for people to actually buy tonnes of verified emission reductions that fight climate change. That is how cool Cool Effect was born.  Cool Effect makes it easy for businesses and individuals to purchase, from a transparent and trustworthy source, the highest quality carbon offsets that fight climate change and provide social benefits to foster business sustainability goals.

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