A Place for Culture-Making through Music

Pur Hotel + Recording Studio
Cunda, Ayvalik, Turkiye

Inspired by George Martin’s Air Monserrat Studios in the 80s, PÜR Residential Recording Studios in Cunda aims to take artists away from their usual habitats and provide a space for them to relax, unwind and focus on creating their music freely.

The advancement and availability of music recording technologies have globally caused the demise of traditional recording studio businesses. Yet, the attraction of a dreamlike, beach-front, world class recording studio where artists and guests are pampered will always be timeless and relevant.

Why now?

The advantage of our era to that of the 80s is that transportation, technology and communication costs are significantly less while they are more available and technologically far advanced. Such technologies also enable overseas recording studios to be easily synchronized with PÜR Cunda, allowing flexible project management and budget management.

Contrary to traditional high-end residential recording studio business models, we aim that PÜR Cunda will also be accessible to upcoming independent artists with budget restrictions to have a unique and unforgettable creative experience on an all-year-round basis.

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Project Info
Project Name:
Pur Hotel & Residential Recording Studio
Cunda, Turkiye
24,000 sf
Under Construction
Pur Studio
Architecture, Interior Design
Architecture, Interior Design Hotel, Recording Studio, Restaurant
Project Credits
Inanc Eray
Design Team:
Pinar Guvenc, Zeynep Damgacioglu, Melike Baltalar, Derin Sahin, Merve Akbay, Merve Guven, Pinar Gursoy, Marianne de Zeeuw, Nicholas Doghlass, Irem Gocmenoglu, Gamze Gurgenc
Pieter Snapper, Chris Walls (Level Acoustic Design), Emily Walls (Level Acoustic Design), Nick Wrate (Indesign Engineering), Emre Telci (Telegrapher), Hakan Kucuker (Makpa), Serhan Mumcu (GMD Oskay), Kemal Ovacik (Ovacik Engineering), Haldun Yilmaz (FMT Facade), Alkan Acikgoz (Executive Architect), Fatih Cakir (General Contractor), Zafer Ataoglu (Construction Manager), Korhan Sisman (Ligthting Design), Susanna Hall (Interior Design)