How to Bring Rural Life into Dense City Centers

Urban Rural v1
Istanbul, Turkey

Urban Rural V1 is a new dwelling typology with a sustainable transformation strategy that will become a model for Istanbul’s urban landscape. It proposes a hybrid life-style where one can be within a city yet still enjoy elements of rural life. The design reinforces community cultivation through robust interaction points for diverse use.

Urban Rural aims to reduce a building's waste footprint and aims to increase vegetation that is diminishing in dense cities like Istanbul. It is a modular design with mechanical components that collapse for ease and efficiency in transportation, reducing the carbon footprint of sourcing for construction.

One hexagon unit consists a polygonal area to inhabit and a triangular cavity to be used as an irrigable garden. When all modules combined, these triangle cavities act as a truss structure transferring the building's loads to lower members. As a whole, Urban Rural creates interdependencies between building systems, structure, landscape and architecture. Integration of such complex systems is achieved through modular design that persevere flexibility.

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Project Info
Project Name:
Urban Rural v1
Istanbul, Turkiye
30,000 m2
ESTA Construction
Architecture, Interior Design
Residential (239 Apartments), Common Areas (Gym, Spa, Pool), Retail
Project Credits
Inanc Eray
Design Team:
Ugur Imamoglu, Marco Mattia Cristofori, Elif Hazar Karahan, Egemen Onur Kaya, Anil Sakaryali, Ahlam Hamed

Tago Mimarlık