48 - How to engage millennials in sustainable community development ft. Jennifer Uchendu

December 21, 2020

Today on the podcast, Jennifer Uchendu, sustainability communicator, analyst, and founder of Susty Vibes; a social enterprise making sustainability actionable for young people in Nigeria.

The conversation digs into her sustainability work focusing on climate change, ecofeminism, and meaningful youth participation in the sustainable development agenda. Jennnifer talks about how she positioned Susty Vibes to change the conceptualization of sustainability in Africa, especially among youths, by creating innovative projects and campaigns - such as “Susty Parties” where she hosts gatherings to discuss sustainability issues over movies, food, and games.

Mentioned in this episode:

Website www.sustyvibes.com

Susty Vibes on Twitter: @SustyVibes

Susty Vibes on Instagram: @sustyvibes

Jennifer on Twitter: @Dzennypha

Jennifer on Instagram: @dzennypha_

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