47 - The problem of “othering” ft. Aws Jubair

December 1, 2020

Today on the podcast, Aws Jubair, activist, humanitarian worker, and filmmaker, and Director of the Aman Project, the United Hands for Refugees, and the De-Otherize Dialogue Project.

The conversation revolves around how Aws’ own experiences about being a refugee in Turkey after having to leave his home country of Iraq because of the war and oppression. Aws talks about how he found his purpose in the work he is doing now; supporting and advocating for those who are oppressed simply because of who they are, and not what they have done. In our discussion, we dig into how to build understanding between people and how to achieve a world where everyone has the same opportunities and can live with dignity and respect.

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Aws on Twitter: @JubairAws

The De-Otherize Dialogue Project on Instagram: @de.otherize

The De-Otherize Dialogue Project on Facebook: @de.otherize

The Aman Project on Instagram: @project.aman

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