107 - The Non-Binary Future ft. Sloan Leo

February 12, 2024


Today in the episode of What’s Wrong With: The Podcast, we are excited to be talking with design theorist, facilitator, and practitioner: Sloan Leo!

Leo is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FLOX Studio, a community design and strategy studio that supports mission-driven organizations to animate the practice of their values. Using facilitation, FLOX Studio engages innovative social impact leaders to collaboratively design their culture, strategy, and organizational development efforts. Rooted in black feminist theory, Afrofuturism, and social justice, FLOX is on a mission to improve the embodied experience of social impact workers and the institutional communities they comprise. 

Appointed the inaugural Designer-in-Residence at the School of Visual Arts Design for Social Innovation Master’s program, Leo has over 15 years of experience with social impact management and community design.

Mentioned in this episode:

Website: https://sloanleo.com/

Instagram: @therealsloanleo

Facebook: sloanleo

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