106 - Urban Design Amidst Complexities ft. Joseph Heathcott

January 19, 2024


Today on the podcast, Joseph Heathcott grew up in the Industrial Midwest, and has worked as a dish washer, fry cook, roofer, carpenter, lumber yard grunt, and community organizer.  He also has a background as a photographer and radio announcer and producer.  These days he is the Chair of Urban and Environmental Studies at The New School, exploring cities within a global, comparative perspective.  

Much of Joseph’s work over the past decade has been to connect humanities and social sciences with practice fields such as architecture, planning, policy, and urban design.  He is the author of Global Queens: An Urban Mosaic, which just came out, and with Angela Dietz he wrote Capturing the City: Photographs from Streets of St. Louis.

In addition to his scholarship, Joseph is a practicing curator and artist, and has exhibited his work at the Museum of the City of New York, the Queens Museum, MIT Galleries, Town Hall Galleries in Stuttgart, and the Museo Banco de México in Mexico City.  He has also held numerous visiting positions, including: the U.S. Fulbright Distinguished Chair for the United Kingdom; Senior Visiting Scholar at the London School of Economics; the Mellon Distinguished Fellowship in Architecture, Urbanism, and the Humanities at Princeton University School of Architecture; Senior Visiting Scholar at L'École Urbanine, Sciences Po; and Distinguished Fellow at the Advanced Research Collaborative, CUNY Graduate Center.  

Heathcott is past President of the Society for American City and   Regional Planning History, and currently serves as Associate Editor of the Journal of the American Planning Association.

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