29 - What is the unrealized potential of 3D printing and manufacturing? ft. Marco Mattia Cristofori

June 23, 2020

Marco Mattia Cristofori holds a Master in Architecture from the University of Roma Tre. After working as an Architect in Istanbul and London, Marco decided to move into the digital publication and fabrication world.   Currently, in Berlin, Marco is working as a Product Owner at BigRep, a Large-Scale-3D-Printers manufacturer, where he was able to push the limits of Additive Manufacturing by developing applications such as the NERA e-Bike -- the first functional prototype of an e-bike fully 3D printed -- the Genesys Eco wall and more.   In 2017, he co-founded Non-Architecture, a digital platform that aims to find unconventional and unexplored design solutions in the field of architecture. Since then, Non-Architecture organized 13 International Design Competition, published 11 books, and recently launched a Journal. The Non Architecture community is composed now by more than 20,000 people.  Marco has been selected in 2019 among the Forbes Under 30 Italy.

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Website: https://bigrep.com

BigRep on Instagram: @bigrep3dprinters

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